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Basic Math is hard (apparently) [31 Jul 2011|04:08pm]
Direct quote from a conservative I know:  "Tax cuts do not contribute one penny to the deficit."

Apparently, basic math is hard.
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[10 Apr 2011|09:28pm]
For those who have been wondering what I've been up to lately (hahahaha, yeah right!), here it is:

It's actually rather fun to write. I'm going to wrap it all up into a PDF/ebook/Lulu POD thing when I'm all done, although I'd like to get some art done for it. Anyone know of artists who are good* and inexpensive and wouldn't mind me adding their artwork to a book I intend to sell? :D

(Of course, it'll probably lawyerslapped off the face of the internets...)

*Bonus points if they can emulate Ned Dameron...
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[27 Jan 2011|02:49pm]

I'm not sure what is worse, no power in the middle of summer when it is really hot, or no power in the middle of winter when it is really cold.

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[02 Jan 2011|07:39pm]
YAY, Primeval is back! Series 4 episode 1 premiered yesterday and episode 2 was today!
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[28 Dec 2010|05:13pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


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I solved the deficit! [17 Nov 2010|05:37pm]

Mind you, there were a lot of options I'd institute that weren't on there, such as changing what hedge fund managers' incomes is classified as (currently capital gains IIRC, which has a really low tax rate, below even what someone making $50,000 a year is taxed at).
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My prediction for the next decade or so [03 Nov 2010|06:35pm]
My prediction for the next decade or so:

The House GOP will spend the next two years passing nothing but things that can't pass the Senate or get signed by Obama, and throughout it all, they'll blame the Democrats for being obstructionist, the "party of No," and being too liberal for the American people. The media will, of course, embrace this view of the Democrats, and the Democrats will be too gutless to fight off the attacks, and try to placate the GOP by "compromising" (i.e. trying to pass conservative bills in the hopes the GOP will stop shouting at them) They'll coast to more victories in the House, gain control of the Senate, and win the Presidency over Obama. They'll spend the following years destroying social welfare programs, enacting more taxcuts for the wealthy, invading more Muslim countries that pose "existential threats" to the US (because a few dozen people with bombs can TOTALLY completely destroy a nation of 300 million people), and generally spending way beyond the country's means (because the GOP is not at all serious about deficit reduction). By the time 2020 rolls around, the bottom 60% of earners in this country will probably be down to .6% of total wealth ownership, with the top 20% probably having somewere around 94%, debt twice what we have now, permanent 8-9% unemployment, and us still stuck in a lost decade.

And of course, through out it all, they'll blame the liberals.

I should just move to Sweden now.
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[04 Oct 2010|10:18am]

EDIT: Everything is fine, she's been discharged. Looks like it was just a strange drug interaction.

At the hospital with my mother; everything should be fine, though. Mostly just waiting for test results.

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Fuck You, Democrats [27 Sep 2010|10:52am]
"Added together, passed and pending legislation proposed by Democrats cut food stamps — a last-resort safety-net benefit considered the single most effective form of stimulus — by more than $27 billion."

Really? What the fuck.
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[17 Sep 2010|09:53pm]
Altoids discontinued the apple sour hard candies! BASTARDS!

I loved those candies. ;_;
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This should speak for itself [15 Sep 2010|12:19pm]
"The Obama administration is considering filing the first criminal charges against radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in case the CIA fails to kill him and he is captured alive in Yemen."
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[13 Sep 2010|04:18pm]
From a Bloomberg article regarding a study showing the rich Americans are more likely to save a tax cut*:

Economist Harm Bandholz said discouraging the wealthy from spending could weaken the economy, something Republicans argue will happen if the Bush-era tax cuts expire.

“Most of the consumption growth is coming from the higher- income groups,” said Bandholz, chief U.S. economist at UniCredit Global Research in New York. “The lower income groups, they are barely living hand-to-mouth.”

Shouldn't that statment alone tell Mr. Bandholz where the focus of consumption increasing measures be targeted?

Speaking of Bloomberg, they had an AWESOME article headline, "Top Earners Lose Cost of BMW If Bush Tax Cuts Expire." Ohnoes! How will they afford to buy that new Z4 Roadster if we cut their taxes!! zOMG!!

*I'm continually amazed at how Republicans and even many Americans just don't get common sense ecenomic and/or Econ101 level stuff. The whole study's conclusions were a big ol' "No shit, Sherlock" for me.
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[25 Aug 2010|12:11pm]
R.I.P. Satoshi Kon. ;_;
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Fuck you, Pepco [12 Aug 2010|12:23pm]

Need I say more?

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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Tony Perkins is an idiot [09 Aug 2010|08:34am]
'Tony Perkins, head of the influential Family Research Council, argued on Sunday that the judge who overturned California's ban on gay marriage should have recused himself from the case due to his own sexuality. '

Of course, if this were the case, couldn't the advocates for the overturning of Prop 8 then been able to argue that a straight judge should have recused himself? What would be next, black judges can't preside over black defendents? Female judges can't preside over female defendents? Sexuality is like gender or race; everyone has one, but it does not mean someone cannot be neutral with respect to the law.

'"I think what you have is one judge who thinks he knows -- and a district level judge and an openly homosexual judge at that -- who says he knows better than not only 7 million voters in the state of California but voters in 30 states across the nation that have passed marriage amendments," said Perkins. "This is far from over."'

Clearly Tony Perkins has never actually read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights (then again, that's probably true for the vast majority of social conservatives). What he is advocating would just as easily allow the majority of people in a state from infringing on any other minority's civil rights, be it voting, residency, or even liberty. The Constitution expressly forbids that.

I've also heard some people advocating for homosexuals to have all the rights of marriage, but that it should be called something else. We've tried that sort of thing before with civil rights. It was called "seperate but equal." It didn't exactly work out, you may recall.
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SYENCE! [02 Aug 2010|05:49pm]
Inspired by a friend linking me to the trailer for the upcoming SyFy Channel movie, Sharktopus:

I coined the term SYENCE! (pronounced like science, of course) to represent science as shown in their movies. For example:
Sharks can't walk on land.
Octopi can't walk on land.

Also, it can stab people with its tentacles. SYENCE!

(I should also note that Sharktopus is clearly a ripoff of the infamous AD&D Dark Sun monster, the Squark.)
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[24 May 2010|12:11am]
So I stumbled across a website called goodreads.com during a google search, that has a fairly standard "sign up to get more information": "There is a good chance some of your friends read this book. Sign in to see!"

I find it hard to believe I know *anyone* who has read Studies in Third Millennium Sumerian and Akkadian Personal Names: The Designation and Conception of the Personal God.
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[16 Mar 2010|02:45pm]
From the Jim Bunnings' School of Work Ethics:

"I'm not going to do my job because my neighbor got a puppy and I hate puppies! That's a perfectly valid reason to not do my job!"
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Fucking cowards [20 Feb 2010|10:18am]
According to a news report on WTOP, an internal Justice Department probe into the authors of the torture memos concluded they "showed poor judgement" but did nothing criminal.

Fucking cowards.
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[12 Feb 2010|07:55am]
I really wanted a ten day weekend. ;_;
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